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Defense - The Crossover Step (Videos) - Breakthrough Basketball

Crossover Step The crossover step is used to Cover larger distances with more speed. Easier to recover from bad positions. Balance can be lost easier than the defensive shuffle. Not always efficient for short distances less than approximately 15 feet, because you can not stop and start as quickly as a defensive shuffle.

Crossover Steps Drill - Basketball HQ

Crossover Steps Drill. This basketball workout can be used to develop the player’s lateral speed and quickness. Lateral speed is a key component of any basketball player’s defensive skill set and should be cultivated by the coach consistently. This video showcases both 1-Step and 2-Step Cross Overs. Really focus and lock down the correct footwork of this basketball quickness and speed drill before attempting to do it.

How to Do a Crossover in Basketball (3 Advanced Variations)

Once your hand has rotated around to the inside of the ball, push the ball back to the outside of your body, and continue to power dribble in the same direction. Following up a great crossover move with the In and Out will make it difficult for your defender to anticipate which move is coming next.

Drill & Video - Breakthrough Basketball

A crossover step is used when you want to quickly cover longer distances, approximately 4 yards or more. If you are doing a crossover to the left, you lift your right leg and cross it in front of your body. Your right foot will land in front of your left foot. (To see this, view the videos below.)

Improve Your Crossover Step to Become a More Explosive ...

A crossover step can help you create separation in an instant. You’re in the paint and a defender is stuck on you. A crossover step can help you create space and get open.

Fundamentals of Basketball Footwork - USA B

Crossover Step Starting from a low-ready position, protecting the ball in a chin, low sweep or rip through, pivot in the direction you want to travel while simultaneously bringing the opposite shoulder, hip and foot across the body and in the same direction.

How to Do a Crossover in Basketball: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

The easiest way to do a crossover is to fake the ball towards your dominant side. Step and lean towards that side, and focus on the defender's midsection. Hesitate, stay low, and dribble the ball across your body to your other hand. For more details on technique, as well as some crossover variations, keep on reading.

6 Footwork Progressions For Elite Defenders

Quick turn then push step - Now you combine stance, quick turn, and push step. Crossover step and recover - Next, you add how to recover when the offense gets by you or when you need to cover distance quickly. Close outs - Then you teach your players how to close out. Related Resources: Breakthrough Basketball Camps. Jim Huber’s Man To Man Defense