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The History Of Basketball! Trivia Quiz - ProProfs Quiz

Take the following quiz to see just how much you know about basketball history! 1. Year when basketball was created. 2. He was known as the inventor of basketball. 3. The basketball inventor devised a set of ________ rules of basketbal15 rules. 4. Basketball was officially recognized as a permanent winter sport in ____.

Basketball History Quiz - Quizizz

Question 12. SURVEY. 30 seconds. Q. Who was the only player in NBA history to score 100 points in a game? answer choices. Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan.

How Well Do You Know Basketball History? Quiz! - ProProfs Quiz

Basketball has been around for a long time and remains to this day one of the most popular team sports on the planet as we continue to watch men and women compete for supremacy – with the end goal of crowning the top teams in the world. Rome wasn’t built in a day, however, so today we’ll be seeing what you know about basketball’s humble beginnings and top moments throughout history.

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To play this quiz, please finish editing it. 7 Questions Show answers. Question 1. SURVEY. 300 seconds. Q. Who is the inventor of basketball? answer choices.

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The player is sent back to his own end. 9. How is a game started? A. Kick-off. B. The ball is bounced by the referee inbetween one player from each team. C. The ball is thrown up in the air by the referee between two players, one from each team, and they have to try and knock it to their team-mates.

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This features 50 challenging trivia questions about some of the biggest moments, accomplishments, and events in NBA history. Make sure that you are ready to challenge your brain as it will test even the biggest basketball fans. After taking the quiz, keep reading to check out some additional context on each question.

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Dr. James Naismith and the History of Basketball Reading Comprehension - Online. Description: This resource includes a reading passage and seven multiple choice questions. It gives immediate feedback. In addition, when you click the "listen" button, you can hear the passage while it highlights the text. You can also print out detailed results.

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Answer: The 6-foot semi-circle used for free throws; 6. How high from the ground is the ring of the basket? Answer: 10 feet; 7. How many players does a basketball team consist of and how many can play at a time? Answer: 10, 5; 8. In International competitions how are the vests numbered?

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A comprehensive database of more than 380 basketball quizzes online, test your knowledge with basketball quiz questions. Our online basketball trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top basketball quizzes.