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What Is First Touch In Soccer? Definition & Meaning On ...

First touch in soccer describes a skill where a player is able to immediately get the ball under control after the first, initial contact. To do this, a player must train for years in order to develop a great feel for the ball.

First Touch in Soccer: What It Means and How to Improve ...

So, what does first touch in soccer mean? “First touch” in soccer is a phrase that refers to the moment the ball first makes contact with a player as they receive the ball. It is the initial contact, or touch, between the player and the ball. Each time the player regains possession of the ball during a soccer game they take a new “first touch”. At a basic level, it may seem obvious that “first touch” would mean this.

Soccer First Touch

When a player has the opportunity to touch the ball with his or her foot, body or head, as the receiver of a pass, as a result of " winning " a loose ball, or any time the player gets to touch the ball, the player's "first touch" on the ball is critical. A great first touch is one of the skills needed to be a great player. The first touch is critical because soccer is a fast game played under pressure, and players who can play fast and retain control while under pressure have a huge advantage.

FIRST TOUCH | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

first touch definition: 1. in football, a player's ability to control a pass and make the ball do what they want: 2. in…. Learn more.

The Most Important Touch in Soccer, First Touch

First touch is often the difference between success and failure in most situations during the match. As players get older, the game gets faster, and demands more speed. At this level, there is a greater need for first-time passes and a precise first touch on the ball.

The Importance of the First Touch | ACTIVE

What first touch can do for you. Paying attention to the first touch will increase the player's ability to maintain possession, improve their speed of play, and allow them to be more successful at the higher levels. 'First touches' can be improved by planning things like where is the best place to go with your touch, how to take the first touch, which is the proper foot, how should my body be turned, etc.

First touch and receiving the ball - How to coach youth soccer

First touch and receiving the ball. Having a good first touch is a vital skill for all soccer players. When players take too many touches to take control of the football or allow it to get away from them, the offensive game collapses. You become sitting ducks.

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One-Touch Pass: A pass in which the ball is played on with a player's first touch. Out Swinger: A kick that swerves away from the goal. Penalty Area: The rectangular area in front of the goal in which the goalkeeper may handle the ball. It is also known as the 18-yard box because of its dimensions.