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Adductor (Groin) Injuries in Soccer Players | Active PT & Sports

Groin strains are a common injury in soccer players. The large group of adductor muscles attach to the pelvic bone along the groin line and are responsible for pulling the leg inward. Adductor strains account for 10-15% of all injuries in soccer players. The demands of soccer place strong eccentric contraction forces on the adductor group leading to high prevalence of adductor muscle injuries.

Groin Pain in Soccer Players: causes and solutions

Chronic Groin Pain is when Soccer Players develop progressive Inner Thigh Pain, Lower Abdominal Pain or Pain in the front of the Hip Joint that last for + 6 Weeks. At that point one of the main findings of the physical therapy exam, is Muscle Weakness in the Adductor Group.

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Groin Strain & Groin Injury In Football Players-A Common ...

Groin strain happens when any one of the group of muscles at the top of the thigh is partially or completely torn which can cause considerable pain and discomfort. Groin strain is when the adductor muscle- the major muscles on the inside of the thigh- are stretched or torn beyond their normal range of motion. Usually the pain of a groin strain is sharp, the onset is abrupt and the cause of the pain is clear such as stretching for a football kick or sliding into tackle an opponent in soccer ...


Even jumping up for a header, in rare cases, can cause a groin injury. The typical groin injury is usually more of a “strain” and although we see the pros and usually most youth soccer youth soccer players stretching on the field before the game starts, this pre-game routine can only protect players from this common injury if done properly. Injuries to the adductor muscles – or groin – occur commonly in the soccer athlete due to the function of this muscle group and the mechanism of ...

Preventing Soccer-Related Groin Injuries - stack

If you play soccer, your risk of groin injury is relatively high, as studies show that more than half of all soccer players injure this area during their lifetime. This research also reveals that...

Groin Pain In Soccer Players - Inner Thigh or Adductor Strain

Research shows that from all the Groin injuries, the Adductor Group ( inner thigh muscles) accounts for 40 % of them.

Groin Strain: Symptoms, Treatments, and Recovery Time

Movements that require your muscle to both lengthen and contract at the same time usually cause a groin strain. This puts stress on your muscle and can lead it to overstretch or tear. Although ...

The 5 Most Common Kicking Injuries: #2 Groin

A groin injury feels very weak and painful and usually, you cannot kick at all during a groin injury. In my experience, most soccer and football related groin injuries are pulls or strains that simply require rest to heal. Follow the R.I.C.E. principle which states: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.