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Foot Fault.At the moment of service contact or take off for a jump serve, the server must not touch the court or the ground outside the service zone. After contact, he/she may step or land outside the service zone or inside the court. Attacking Faults. The following are volleyball violations for attacking...

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Volleyball violations in passing happen often when a team is on serve receive and they are facing an opposing team with a tough server. The server will do everything to make it difficult for you or one your team's passer's to pass the ball perfectly up to your setter.

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1. Can The Ball Hit The Net While Serving In Volleyball? Yes, the ball is allowed to hit the net. If it goes over it’s a fair serve, if it doesn’t, the serving team loses the point and possession. Prior to 2001, if the ball hit the net it was a service error whether it went over or not. 2. Can A Player Touch The Net In Volleyball?

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A player steps on the end line when serving. Penalty: Side-Out; The served ball fails to completely pass through the space above the net. Penalty: Side-Out; Screen: players in front of the server obscure the view of the server and the path of the ball. Penalty: Side-Out; Attack Hit Faults

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With that being the case, the volleyball serve rules state that when you serve, only one toss is allowed once the referee has blown their whistle. Once a player tosses the ball up for their serve, if they catch the ball without completing their service action, that is a fault and the referee will blow their whistle and award the opposing team the ball.

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2. Line Violation When serving in volleyball it is illegal to step on or over the baseline during the serve. The baseline are the two lines that form each end of the Volleyball court. The officials that are normally in charge of the side and baselines are the line judges.

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Centerline Violation Players are not allowed to cross or touch the centerline that divides the court in half. You may see the referee call a centerline violation by blowing his whistle and pointing to the line.


A player must not block or attack a serve. BASIC VIOLATIONS. Stepping on or over the line on a serve. Failure to serve the ball over the net successfully. Hitting the ball illegally ( Carrying, Palming, Throwing, etc. ). Touches of the top of the net only with any part of the body while the ball is in play.